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iPage as Your Web Hosting Provider

Templates and Designs: There is a wide range of template choices which feature attractive designs for user websites. There is access to source code if users want to customize their templates and website design. Users can also use templates which they code from scratch. There is a smart-phone friendly website which users can have automatically generated.

Plans and Web Hosting Deals: iPage hosting offers clients the best price for basic shared hosting accounts. The company offers an Essential Hosting package which includes everything a small or medium-sized website would need. The package offers unlimited space as well as bandwidth, business email accounts as well as business databases and extras worth four hundred and fifty dollars. There are many additional features which clients can add to their hosting package. One such feature is the Automate Site Backup which is all but a requirement for any professional website. For ecommerce websites, a security add-on is great when hosting sensitive information on the website. There is also a Directory Listing service.

Special Features and Bonuses: Weebly features top level domains which can be .com, .net, or .org. If you have a domain you have purchased somewhere else it can be redirected through Weebly. The depth of navigation provided through Weebly is unlimited. There is a drop-down menu which can be automatically added to the navigation bar of the user. Weebly offers widgets, the small tools which add to the functionality of the users’ site. There are photo gallery options, video options, and music player options. Weebly sites are also monetized so that users can use Google AdSense or banner ads. No matter the plan you have, Weebly will keep fifty percent of revenue generated through AdSense. For ecommerce sites there is a simple store template which can accept payments via Google Checkout or Paypal but there is not form of order management yet. Weebly sites are search-engine optimized in that the title tags, meta tags, and description tags can be customized at the page level. Any image ALT text can also be customized at the page level. Any URL text can be created from the menu items relating to it. Weebly blogs have standard features including comment moderation as well as trackbacks. There is a tracking tool to track visitor statistics or users can use Google Analytics. Weebly offers the greatest drag and drop function to create contact forms or to create surveys. It also allows users to add external tools or widgets. Individual files cannot exceed 5MB in a free plan but in the Pro plan cannot exceed 100 MB. There are no limits on bandwidth and you can host your Weebly website on any web space.