My custom lanyards fascination

Posted by Florence Mangum on February 20, 2015
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Custom lanyards have always fascinated me ever since I was a child in elementary school. Somehow lanyards, especially personalized ones have a special space in my heart. They have always caught my attention and each time I am inside a department store, it has always been the sports department and the book store that drags my feet into them. Lanyards are ever present in every book store as they offer a way to hold your identification cards, pass cards and most small electronic gadgets that are of use to students, teachers and employees. On the other side of the department store the sports section have lanyards to sell which are very useful for sporting activities, safety, and outdoor hiking or trekking.

Of course these two sections are not the only stall in the department store or mall that offers to sell custom lanyards or personalized lanyards. You can find them sold in accessories stalls, or even lanyard stalls that actually will sell you lanyards and personalize it for you according to your specifications.

wholesalelanyards My custom lanyards fascinationI have always considered in buying lanyards whenever I see one and have the money to pay for it. Of course you will react that they don’t cost that much and you will always have the money for it, that may be true but dependable, durable and strong lanyards don’t come cheap, and when you talk of custom lanyards or personalized lanyards now that is another level of cheap we are talking about. Custom lanyards are of another level of lanyards compared to lanyards sold at kiosk or stalls in a mall, of course they can still functions as what they are intended to do but they are not as durable though.

I often prefer lanyards to hold my keys especially my keys to my motorcycle or vehicle. The word prefer there is intended for a reason, because there are motorcycle designs that limits the capability of a lanyard even if they are custom lanyards and one example of that design are large engine street bikes. Street bikes locates your hips or belt farther away from the ignition key port which make a snap hook key holder appropriate rather than a lanyard to use. While dirt bikes, standard bikes and under bone motorcycles allows the use of lanyards to hold your keys while keeping it strapped on your belt or hip.

Driving cars, trucks, SUVs and vehicles with four wheels and more will be better when you have a lanyard to hold your keys. Custom lanyards or not, a lanyard will help you keep your keys safe from dropping or getting lost while allowing you to use your keys without detaching your lanyard. This is very helpful for drivers especially when vehicles are needed to be parked a few meters from where you intend of going and you need to close all doors and windows of your vehicle. When you have your car keys attached to a lanyard which is also attached to your belt loop, you can never exit the car without realizing that your keys are still in the key port. This way there would be no chance of you not getting in your car when it is locked because you have left your keys on the ignition switch.

It is amazing how a simple item could really help you have a good day and prevent it from getting ruined by keeping your keys or electronics from dropping or getting lost. This is just one reason why I really am into buying good quality custom lanyards whenever I find them and have the money to pay for them, and there are still many more reasons to buy yourself a quality lanyard too.

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