Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Live Chat for Websites

Live chat for websites can boost your online business as long as you utilize it in an effective and efficient manner. Here are a few suggestions on how you can maximize the benefits of offering live chat on your business website.

Train the chat team.

First of all, it is important that you invest in training your team with regard to live chat etiquette. Moreover, the team must know your website and inventory by heart. You can provide them with cheat sheets to enhance their performance. Make sure they are properly guided and well-equipped to answer customers the right way and in a timely manner.

Hire experienced staff.

You may gain a better edge if you have a team with considerable sales experience. An effective combination of customer service and sales can make a big difference for your business. Sales people are also more adept at up-selling. If you intend to use live chat for websites to increase your sales, then you better hire people who can deliver.

Set proper expectations on delays.

With a chat support, customers can avoid the long waiting times in making calls. However, with more customers preferring to use the chat support, a surge in your chat volume is likely. To avoid annoying the customers, it is critical to set their expectations from the beginning. You can instruct the operators to tell customers who have just joined the chat that they are serving multiple customers at the moment. This will immediately explain a possible delay in getting their queries addressed.

Make it easy for the customer to use the chat support.

The main objective of offering the live chat service is to make it easier for customers and visitors to reach you. Therefore, make the sign in process as brief as possible. Just get the basic pieces of information such as the customer name, email address, and the purpose of making contact.

Keep the fields at a minimum. Otherwise, you may be discouraging the customers to use live chat support. If that happens, it will serve more as a disappointment than a delight.

Be wise with popup sessions.

Proactive chat support in the form of popup sessions can prove to be effective in some cases, but in others, it may only serve as an unwelcome interruption. Before deciding to use such a feature, you must do some testing first.

The most important thing here is to find out whether your customer will welcome it with delight or if it will only cause his displeasure. Ultimately, it is a personal preference so you must test it first.

There are other things you need to keep in mind if you intend to maximize the use of live chat for websites. If you regard customer experience as a priority, you should be able to get the most out of this type of software.

How to Place Your Patio Furniture Sets

There are many patio furniture sets to choose from when you go shopping.  You can go with a more contemporary style or settle on something more traditional.  There are several selections that you can look at including rattan furniture with the L-shaped kind being more favored by most.  They come with a coffee table that you can use to place your drinks and food.  They also come with great cushions that can be either plain or colored depending on your tastes.  The contemporary rattan collections usually come with simple straight line designs and are designed in a square, rectangular or even an irregular design.

One of the things that you need to follow when you go out to purchase patio furniture sets is the philosophy that says less is more. You don’t want to clutter your patio. You are also allowed to mix and match various pieces to get the room that you have desired.  If you are the kind of person who enjoys all things strange go for outlandish pieces that look almost futuristic. Dare to go other-worldly and make a statement with your furniture. You can place one such piece amidst the other neutral colored, more normal pieces of furniture that you may have.

Your patio should really be an extension of the home you have created. Go with a style and color scheme that will tie your patio furniture sets to the inside of your home.  It is best to make sure that you buy durable furniture that has been treated for UV rays seeing as the sun will be shining on your furniture quite a bit.  This will protect it from losing its glory through fading.  If you will be putting your furniture out in the garden, be sure to purchase an umbrella or some other shade to cover it and you when you sit on it.  If any part of your furniture is metal you will need to make sure that it is a metal that does not rust when exposed to the elements.

When shopping for patio furniture sets you will need to look at sofas, chairs and coffee tables that are either colored the same or that can be mixed and matched with other pieces.  Make sure that your own personal style is incorporated and reflected in the furniture that you select.  You can also take your contemporary furniture and throw in some traditional or timeless pieces to give a unique feel to your patio.

Dehumidifier for the Allergic or Asthmatic

Mold, mildew, and dust mites are stuff of nightmares for the asthmatic. One of the best solutions for this problem is a good and modern dehumidifier.

What causes allergies?

Molds thrive in dark, damp places. A quick check on bathroom ceilings, kitchen cabinets, or basement walls may reveal a thriving mold civilization. Molds reproduce through spores and these spores, when inhaled can trigger an allergic reaction. Inhalation of these dangerous particles may cause nasal congestion, coughing and sneezing, or skin and throat irritation that can happen individually or all at the same time. Dust mites also love places with high moisture content – rugs, blankets, beddings, towels, and curtains. Molds and dust mites therefore pose a serious health risk especially for those who are allergic to it.

A dehumidifier helps to keep molds and mites away by lowering a room’s humidity to optimal levels, making it an unfavourable living environment for these unwanted creatures.

When and where is a dehumidifier needed?

A dehumidifier is needed when the weather, especially rainy days, brings higher than normal humidity.  It is also needed when allergic or asthmatic individuals are living in a humid or tropical climate. Some tell-tale signs that a certain place is in need of a dehumidifier are:

1. Presence of water beads and condensation or fog on windows
2. Presence of black mold in areas that are supposed to be dry
3. Rotting wood
4. Musty smells emanating from a garage or kitchen cabinet
5. A feeling that the air is “thick”

Common problem areas are bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, and basements. If these places have colonies of molds growing in them and it is causing allergies and/or asthma attacks, it’s time to buy a dehumidifier.

One can also use a hygrometer to accurately measure the moisture content in the air.

What dehumidifier is best for allergic and asthmatic individuals?

It depends on the size and humidity of the room and how prolonged will be the usage. A portable dehumidifier is good for small damp places while a medium sized dehumidifier is suitable for average-sized wet or damp basements. A home dehumidifier can dehumidify a medium sized house. Small dehumidifiers have smaller tanks which mean it requires frequent emptying while larger ones don’t require as much. It’s recommended to opt for the larger one if prolonged use is intended. Although the size of it must be kept in mind – it’s hard to store a huge dehumidifier.

Is it expensive to own a dehumidifier?

It depends on how often it is used. The average dehumidifier consumes around 100 watts to 160 watts. It also depends on its size – portable dehumidifiers cost more or less $200 while larger ones range from $1,500 to $2,000 but the medical expenses, the stress, and the hassle will be avoided.

Purchasing a good dehumidifier to avoid asthma and allergic attacks is surely worth the money.

Employ Lawn Care Boise and Keep Your Lawn Trimmed and Clean

For a certain price, you can get lawn care Boise services in your locality. This is if you are a resident of the town of Boise. Anyone with a wide expanse of a lawn would get tired of tending to it once or twice a week. Tending to wide lawns can be a daunting task for homeowners. This is where individuals and groups that run businesses on lawn care around Boise, Idaho come in. They can make your life easier as an owner of a home with a wide lawn in front.

Nowadays, there is no need for you to do all the work of trimming the grass with a mower or taking out the weeds. You can have others do this for you for a certain price. If you have tried to tend to your lawn and found it difficult to do so, then you should understand that the reason these prices for lawn care Boise services around your neighborhood are high is this. Tending to lawns is hard work, it is even a more difficult to do when one has to tend to the lawns of others.

There are some days when you are just too tired to run the grass of your lawn with your mower; there are also days when you are just tired to pull weeds out of your rich, green lawn. This is the time for you to employ the services of individuals and groups who do lawn care Boise. They can relieve you of the burden of having to tend to your lawn, especially when you have just come from work. Busybodies who toil majority of the day in the offices can definitely benefit from this kind of service offered by many.

Now, when you are looking for the best person or the best group that offers lawn care services, you can try asking your neighbors about them. If they have their own lawns, they should know what you are asking them about. They can definitely suggest to you anyone around the area who does this for a living. They can even point you to the best ones who offer such services.

If you are not very close to your neighbors or you are new to Boise, then you can look up those who offer lawn care Boise services online. You can try getting quotes on these first so that you can compare them with one another until you find one that you think is best for you. You might even employ the services of one who does a good job of caring for your lawn at a price you can easily afford.

Even when you are at your busiest during the week, you can get your lawn trimmed and cleaned enough to look beautiful to your neighbors, guests and more. You can do this by employing individuals who do lawn care for a living.

Why You Should Use Issue Tracking Software

All the software developers usually produce programs that contain defects, bugs and many other issues. This means that the customers will always encounter errors as they use the software and this has made the possibility of building error-free software no longer a priority for the software companies. Instead, emphasis is being put on a different approach that ensures a quicker error detection and reaction system. The customer care representatives can help the customers to work around any of the error that emerges if the firm has put in place a good issue tracking software. The programs that come with this software will include a list that is used in the tracking of issues and/or all the information that is related to this problem.

The issue tracking software can be purchased in two ways. The first one is through the developers licensing the software to the company to be able to install it in its internal network. The other method is by buying access to the software which is web-based. The decision of which one to purchase will lie on the company but you should ensure that the one you purchase will provide an uninterrupted work flow. The software should also be affordable, reliable and easy to use. The use of the software has many benefits both to the company and the customers.

The issue tracking software will allow the company to solve the software issues quicker than before; the problems will be addressed quickly. The timing is always very crucial when a customer is experiencing a problem and this will allow the company to allocate additional resources to a certain problem if necessary. The software will also remove the usual problem that used to exist especially when an employee left and the normal workflow is interrupted. It provides the opportunity of another employee stepping in to continue from where one left. In the long run the company will have avoided slowdowns.

The gradual process of what the employee did can be used to establish a database that will contain the knowledge acquired from problem solving. This will enable the company to serve their customers more efficiently and faster. The customer support staff can also access the information and use it to guide other customers in solving issues related to this. The companies that go for the issue tracking software are better off in terms of management, efficiency and customer satisfaction among other areas.

Getting an Oracle Upgrade for Security

Oracle goes to great lengths to ensure that the databases created are protected from security breaches.  However, vectors, hackers and other bugs are getting smarter every day which means that if your system is outdated, you may not be able to protect your database from newer bugs that could bring your whole system crashing to a halt.  It is therefore important that for the sake of security you ensure that you get your Oracle upgrade when you need it.  The new systems that Oracle has in place have been secured in such a way as to eliminate most of the vulnerabilities that may have been there with the older versions of the software.

The one good thing about Oracle is that it has very strong security fixing policies.  One of those includes the fact that when it comes to security fixes, Oracle will look at the most severe one first and then move on the others.  When an Oracle upgrade is released, the security fixes as well as the non security fixes are all included.  These are what area commonly known as patch set updates and patch sets.  The older versions only released security fixes without the non security features.  You are therefore getting a better product when you upgrade your system.

When you get patch set updates or PSUs as they are often called, you will be getting a security fix but at the same time you will get non-security fixes that will work on other challenges that you have been facing with your computer.  Most of the issues that are dealt with in these PSUs are those that multiple users have raised concerns about.  They are made in such a way that they will provide a low risk fix with high reward which makes the Oracle upgrade a delight for the user without too much change.  Oracle has been working on finding ways that it can better support its clients and this is just one of the ways.

The security fixes that you will get with your Oracle upgrade will be to cover issues that have been extensive or are more in depth.  Some of the security issues that will be fixed included those that are related somehow to coding practices that are unsafe as well as issues related to uninitialized variables.  If you have any vulnerable areas that currently are known to be un-exploitable, Oracle takes a proactive stance of making sure they cannot be used.  This makes it such that should an attacker discover them, he or she would still not be able to compromise your database.

Tips on How to Make Online Meeting Work for you

With the availability of the Internet, communicating with family, friends or business associates is easier regardless of distance which may span over countries and continents. It is now possible to schedule an online meeting which can be carried out using software which allows for audio and/or video sharing. These kinds of meetings allow for more than just two participants. Business partners across three or more countries can all convene at an agreed online meeting room and have their meeting. However, with the vast resources and advantages that the Internet brings, there are also some dangers which are posed. These tips should come in handy when using online resources to meet people who you may or may not be familiar with.

First, ensure that you follow etiquette especially for business meetings carried out online. Do not start doing other activities in the middle of the meeting such as browsing random pages or checking email or talking to other people who may be in the office. This will make you appear unprofessional and disrespectful. To be taken seriously by prospective and existing business partners, treat any meetings, whether online or in person, with the same level of respect and with utmost concentration.  Even when carrying on a meeting with a loved one, you should still pay attention because it is polite and indicates that you are a good listener. Remember, an online meeting is no less important than any other kind of meeting. Keep the door closed, put your phone on silent mode and avoid typing while the meeting is going on.

Second, when having an online meeting with strangers, such as in the case of a public chat room, ensure you do not put yourself at risk of harassment or even personal harm. Avoid divulging too much information whether through giving out information in person or whether by placing items such as your mail or documents in view of the stranger. Keeping safe is a priority while online.  This is especially important for those attending such meetings while at home where it is more personal.

On a technical note, ensure all your equipment is up to scratch so that the session can go on smoothly. Can your computer’s resources and your Internet bandwidth take the strain of a live chat? If not, update and upgrade. Alternatively, you could have a meeting and just use text chat to pass the message across.

Drunk Driving Defense – How to prepare

If you decided to drive home after a long night out and found that you were pulled over and then blew over the legal limit, you need to begin preparing your drunk driving defense immediately from a Utah DUI Lawyer. When you are charged for having blood alcohol content over the legal limit you will be faced with a DUI or a DWI charged. After arrested you will be taken to the police station where they will take your fingerprints, take your belongings, and you will be given the opportunity to post bail. Bail allows you to go home in between the current time and your trial date under the auspices that you promise to return in exchange for large sums of money.

It is here and now that you should begin preparing a drunk driving defense with a Utah DUI Lawyer. There are many ways in which you can defend yourself against a drunk driving charge with a Utah DUI Lawyer. You should seek the immediate help of an attorney in this matter as soon as you are able. An experienced Utah DUI Lawyer will go through the events which took place before your arrest, during your arrest, and after your arrest to ensure that your rights were respected and that the police did not abuse any part of the situation. What is dangerous about a drunk driving defense is that if you were drunk, then the only real witnesses to the situation were the police officers. This makes it difficult to face a drunk driving charge.

However, with a professional and experienced Utah DUI Lawyer you can build a defense around the proper administration of the breathalyzer test. This can include whether the police gave you proper instructions. You can build a drunk driving defense around the fact that you were unable to use the breathalyzer properly because you did not know how, or that the breathalyzer test was explained to you. The best means of defense is to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution. If this is your first offense and your state differentiates between a DUI and a DWI, then you can bargain to reduce the charges. Overall, the goal of any drunk driving defense is to get the lowest possible sentence.

All states include jail time and fines for drunk driving convictions, and as such, building a drunk driving defense with a Utah DUI Lawyer immediately is of primary importance. With a good defense you can negotiate probation, substance abuse counseling, or traffic school as alternatives to jail time and higher fines. A good drunk driving defense can also evaluate the legality of the questioning by the police, the legality of the search and seizure conducted by the police, and the legality of the arrest. Defenses can also evaluate whether your rights under consent law and your Miranda rights were respected.

It is most important that you call for immediate legal counsel from a Utah DUI Lawyer after you are arrested so that your attorneys have time to build the best case for you prior to your court date. Whether it is your first, second, or third offense, a good drunk driving defense is the best thing you could have.

Pro SEO tools for an SEO Company


If you want news related to the SEO field, this has got to be one of your go-to sources. If something is happening in SEO, WebProNews is on top of it. Articles, reporters, blogs, and an active, comment-happy readership that can’t be beat. I use this resource all the time for my SEO Company.


I’m not sure how to classify this site, exactly. I’ve lumped in with the “media” group, but it’s also got tools, articles, a newsletter, directory, and tons more stuff that keeps me up-to-date on all the happenings in the SEO world.

Search Engine Watch

This one’s the grandfather of them all! Breaking news, awesome articles, a forum that’ll knock your socks off, search engine stats, and more. Bookmark this site right now. Visit every day and more often if possible.

Not all blogs are created equal.

Some are fantastic resources. Some are terrific time wasters. The trick lies in being able to find the good stuff without sacrificing time on the losers. Like any serious professional, I’ve read more blogs than I can count. Some I’ve kept, some I’ve abandoned. What follows is a list of the ones that have stood the test of time. (For me, at least.)

SEO Book Blog

SEO Book’s Aaron Wall updates this blog regularly, and it’s always worth reading. I can’t think of a time when I jumped over to read it that I didn’t take away some little nugget of “Aha!” insight. Add this to your RSS reader or make a habit of visiting every week.

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is the man. Literally, if you’re looking for information about what Google likes and does not like, he’s THE man. Matt is in charge of the Webspam team at Google, which pretty much means that he knows what he’s talking about. True, he can’t tell you everything that’s on Google’s mind at any given moment (something about confidentiality agreements), but he does provide his readers with tip, tricks, and unquestionable advice about getting ranked well with Google.

SEO by the Sea

This one’s more focused on the technical aspects of SEO than anything else. “Technical aspects?” Yeah, you know algorithms, statistics, patents, and that sort of thing. Given those topics, you might think that SEO by the Sea is one of the most boring blogs on the planet. You’d be wrong!


You’ve heard of SEOmoz, right? Did you also know they’ve got a blog? This one will keep you up-to-date with whitepapers, research, opinion pieces, news, and tips. Typically, the stuff on this site is not “quick, light” reading, so I won’t recommend visiting every day. Visit weekly, though, in order to keep current on the very latest in SEO best practices.

iPage as Your Web Hosting Provider

Templates and Designs: There is a wide range of template choices which feature attractive designs for user websites. There is access to source code if users want to customize their templates and website design. Users can also use templates which they code from scratch. There is a smart-phone friendly website which users can have automatically generated.

Plans and Web Hosting Deals: iPage hosting offers clients the best price for basic shared hosting accounts. The company offers an Essential Hosting package which includes everything a small or medium-sized website would need. The package offers unlimited space as well as bandwidth, business email accounts as well as business databases and extras worth four hundred and fifty dollars. There are many additional features which clients can add to their hosting package. One such feature is the Automate Site Backup which is all but a requirement for any professional website. For ecommerce websites, a security add-on is great when hosting sensitive information on the website. There is also a Directory Listing service.

Special Features and Bonuses: Weebly features top level domains which can be .com, .net, or .org. If you have a domain you have purchased somewhere else it can be redirected through Weebly. The depth of navigation provided through Weebly is unlimited. There is a drop-down menu which can be automatically added to the navigation bar of the user. Weebly offers widgets, the small tools which add to the functionality of the users’ site. There are photo gallery options, video options, and music player options. Weebly sites are also monetized so that users can use Google AdSense or banner ads. No matter the plan you have, Weebly will keep fifty percent of revenue generated through AdSense. For ecommerce sites there is a simple store template which can accept payments via Google Checkout or Paypal but there is not form of order management yet. Weebly sites are search-engine optimized in that the title tags, meta tags, and description tags can be customized at the page level. Any image ALT text can also be customized at the page level. Any URL text can be created from the menu items relating to it. Weebly blogs have standard features including comment moderation as well as trackbacks. There is a tracking tool to track visitor statistics or users can use Google Analytics. Weebly offers the greatest drag and drop function to create contact forms or to create surveys. It also allows users to add external tools or widgets. Individual files cannot exceed 5MB in a free plan but in the Pro plan cannot exceed 100 MB. There are no limits on bandwidth and you can host your Weebly website on any web space.